Overheard On Next Gen

Ah, the weekend. So many plans, so much to get out and do. Um, not so much.

The weekend started off with B going to visit a friend and coming home with a head cold, which led to me getting a head cold, which in turn led Wifey to get a head cold, and led all of us (OK, just me) to say “fuck it” and not do anything all weekend.

If you’re keeping track, I have had a head cold, a mild case of vax-dulled COVID, and now another head cold, all since late September. That is all after a year and a half of NOTHING. I guess there’s something to be said for wearing a mask, constantly using hand sanitizer, and not going out amongst the masses any more than you have to.

The cold isn’t that bad, but it did come in handy in getting me out of going to the local holiday parade and post-parade drinks with Wifey and our friends. While I miss seeing my friends, I have beers at home and don’t have to cram my ass into a bar filled with Omicron. Not that it really matters, because as you’ve read, I find a way to get sick or COVID while hardly ever leaving the house for anything other than groceries, the O.G. Mindbender, or a walk alone in the woods. As the British bald dude on The Next Generation used to say, “Fuck my life!”

The weekend ended with an ice storm that canceled school on Monday and made driving anywhere a slippy mess most of the day. With the shop closed on Mondays (not that I’m working much now during the COVID/winter slow-down anyway) and no place to be until noon, the cancellation allowed me to sleep off the head cold a bit more before finally getting up to feed the dogs, write this dross and deal with our ice-covered driveway before my noon appointment with the O.G. Mindbender (now canceled due to the O.G. being in quarantine as she recovers from COVID) and fetching groceries later in the day. Jean-Luc’s words are echoing loud today.


NOTE: I have never watched more than 5 minutes of Star Trek The Next Generation, and I have NO idea if Jean-Luc Picard (AKA Patrick Stewart) ever used the phrase, “Fuck my life!” I apologize for bringing a beloved television character down into my swine pit; he just popped in my head for some reason.

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