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I know the real reason you are here, don’t lie! You’re here to find out how Jake (the dog) is after his Monday visit to the vet.

Well, Jake is still Jake-ing on, although-be-it with the need for me to shove a variety of pills down his uncooperative throat twice a day to help him with some hip/back issues and an ear infection that I had no idea he had.

If I come out the other side of all this with all my fingers, it will be a miracle! The furry little bastard refuses to eat anything with the medicine in it, so I have to force the peanut butter coated pills into his mouth and pull out before he gets too pissed off. Then he spits them out across the floor like a cartoon villain spitting out teeth after a barroom brawl. We do this dance twice a day, and each time it ends with both of us covered in a shmegma-like substance of peanut butter, dog saliva, and half masticated pill ejaculate. There is liberal usage of the words “son,” “of,” “a,” and “bitch,” but we get it done eventually.

Right subject, wrong lens.

Other than taking both dogs to the vet (Lola is just fat and needs to go on a diet), the endless raking and disposal of the Cul-De-Sac-Shack’s leaves, and planning our COVID holidays with Wifey (I have devised a Three-person Thanksgiving feast that will cater to all vegans, carnivores, and persnicketarians in attendance), life has been blissfully uneventful for a few days. And in 2020, that’s saying something! *knocks on wood*

Wrong subject, right lens.

I have a small list of things that need to be done today, the first of which is my wrestling match with Jake (the dog), then I hope to get some time in the woods with my camera before an evening of making dinner(s) and sitting in my dog-smelling chair watching the replay of the England vs. Iceland match. If you’re reading this and there aren’t any photos from a woodsy walk, you know shit didn’t happen.

Taking what I can get.

Several hours later…

As you can see, the walk in the woods happened. I got some shots, missed some shots, was outside, good enough.


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