Pre Heated

Wednesday started with heavy rain for most of the morning. It also contained a mid-morning orthodontist appointment for B-Man so a ride wasn’t got to happen.

With no ride in the immediate future, I squeezed in a quick walk around the wet Sylvan Solace Preserve to satisfy my want to get outside.

I spent more time putzing around and taking pics than I did hiking but it was nice to be outside. I was almost tempted to trail run again but remembered that apparently running is one of those things that I’m just not supposed to do (well, or at all) and was content to hike.

After the rain moved out, the temps started to climb and Thursday morning made for a warm ride. Thankfully I got out early for a quick ride from the Cul-De-Sac-Shack and avoided the real crotchial heat of the day.

I rode my bike, I took a few pics and scurried home. Hoping to do the same thing Friday morning, especially since the temps are heading into the mid to high 90s for the next few days. EDIT: Ride aborted due to possible sump pump issue at the Cul-De-Sac Shack. J-Time will be spent with a plumber and a check book.


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