Quick Dirt Roll


Last night we had another evening of heavy, better grab a life jacket type rain. In my opinion, here in Michigan, we get less rain on daily basis than I was used to dealing with in western PA, but when we do get rain, we get freaking RRRRAIN! It seems to just freaking pour down thick ropes of water.

Thankfully we have had so little rain this spring, most of the dirt roads just suck it up like a sandy sponge. Sure, there are some deep mud spots near where heavy farm vehicles enter and exit the fields, but for the most part it’s all good. Not to mention the rain and the warm temps are really starting to shoot the corn and other crops up. If you’re into things like food production.


Due to my need/want to keep my rides under two hours when leaving B-Man on his own, I stuck with the same multi-surface dirt road/paved road ride that I did yesterday. However today was WAY less humid with brilliant sunshine, of course it also had more wind, so it actually seems harder today. And by “harder” I mean slower and by “slower” I mean slower than my usual slow. Whatever.

For some reason I feel like my blog writing has been sucking even more than usual of late. I’ve often have had some things that I’ve wanted to blog about (beyond my suck rides), but real life seems to have got in the way of creative crap writing. Instead you have just been getting regular, old crap writing. My apologies to the three of you that continue to read this dross.

Tomorrow, it’s back to slinging bikes for a couple of days; there may be rides over those two days, there might not be. Probably not, unless I do.


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