Sort of Back

“Have you posted anything on the blog lately?”
“No, nothing to write about.”

That interchange between Wifey and I took place in the car on our way home to Michigan after spending a few days in western Pennsylvania for the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m confident that she is one of the few readers I have that would use a phrase like “sad” to describe my lack of posts and not something like “thank God.” Of course, that’s what makes her Wifey.

So, to end her sadness, I will post some crap words and some photos from the past week.

The Thanksgiving holiday was good, and it was nice to see our families for a few days. There was much eating, lots of driving, lots of table tennis, more eating, and more driving. Despite the political, religious, and personality differences I have with my family, we were able to sweep those differences under the rug for a few hours and enjoy some time together.

Time spent at my father-in-law’s crib was fun. B-Man and I played a crap ton of table tennis, we ate a crap ton of pizza and laughed as our niece and nephew wore my father-in-law out while he babysat.

On Black Friday I shunned shopping as usual and headed out for a walk along the rail trail. It was a perfect, crisp late fall day to be outside. It seemed crazy weird to be walking the trail and not riding it, but it was still fun.

I realized too late that I walked right past a place along the bike path that is ripe for the sort of trashy photos I dig, and I’m looking forward to our return over Christmas so that I can explore it more.

I took some pics, talked to a couple of folks, including one dude on roller skis asking if I’d seen any of the eagles (“iggles” in Pittsburgh talk) that are living along the river these days. I hadn’t, but it was a nice chat, and he told me that he goes up to Traverse City quite a bit to ski. Always nice to run into people who know that Michigan is more than Detroit and snow.

We were up super early Saturday morning for the trip back to Michigan. It rained most of the way through PA and Ohio but finally stopped in Michigan, allowing me to put the hammer down to get back in time to see 98% of the Spurs match that kicked off at 12:30. COME ON YOU SPURS!

We spent the rest of the weekend coming down from all the travel, going to B’s second indoor match of the season on Sunday evening, and bracing ourselves for a potential snow event predicted to hit overnight into Monday morning.

We did get snow, but only a few inches of wet, slushy snow that is near useless for any real outdoor fun. It was just bad enough to cancel school, which worked out perfect, as B had an appointment with a sports medicine doctor today to check out his ongoing Osgood Schlatter issue. No school meant that he wouldn’t miss anything from the first day of the 2nd trimester.

The appointment went well, and B was assured that the pain he experiences after practices and matches would end at some point and that playing will not make things worse. He’s going to do some physical therapy to get some tips on strengthening and stretching, but he should be good to go.

Well, this post was crapper than usual, but I’m cool with that. It’s been a busy day, and I’ve looking forward to Tuesday and getting back into a routine of riding, er, um, “riding,” woodsy walks with my camera, and eating a bit better.



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