The Boiled Ham Rides


The past week has been blazingly hot here in Michigan with temps often hovering in the mid-90s. As I’ve mentioned several times in the past, mid-90 temps in Michigan are roughly equal to living on the surface of the sun, especially when you realize that we were getting snow flurries in early May! As much as my super large former fat man (on his way back again) sweat glands don’t mesh well with high heat, I won’t complain all that much, since I would rather ride in some heat than the cold.

The week hasn’t been ideal for riding, but I did force myself out into the heat for couple short rides over the past few days.

Thursday was a day off the bike (I think, I really can’t remember, nor can I remember what I did if I didn’t ride. I should probably check that out). On Friday I tried to get out a little bit earlier for my ride, but I failed, and rode about the same time as usual. The sun and the heat were intense, and I felt slow, sluggish, and fat, but eventually started to feel a bit better and by then end was happy to be coated in dust and sweat as I rolled into the driveway.


Nearly all the wheat and hay fields have been harvested and cut, leaving the rural countryside looking like one big rolling crew cut interspersed with seven-foot tall fields of corn.


I told myself that Saturday I would force myself out the door earlier and beat the heat. Once again I failed and by the time I returned from my ride south of town the temps were already hitting the mid-90s. The only good thing was that there was very little wind, so I didn’t need to put out the efforts that I did earlier in the week.


I really should have headed into the woods to ride, but mountain biking has been such a hit and miss bag of back and hip issues of late, I thought I would be better off mentally just riding dirt roads with my camera. It worked; I got out, I rode, and I took some photos.

As I type this we are having our first rainy day of the summer. I am tempted to head out and enjoy the cloudy skies, and cool rain on the bike, but I am also tempted to lay on the couch this morning and listen to the rain hit the windows.


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