The Cure: Beer & Beans


The photo above is not from today, nor are the ones below. They could’ve been from today, but they’re not, they’re from a week or two ago when I was rolling dirt roads and shooting film with the Holga 135. One reason they could’ve been from today is because the sun FINALLY showed its face here in mid-Michiganderburgh again! Lord Jesus! But the main reason they’re not from today is because sadly, I did not ride. Boo!

However, I DID wake up feeling a lot, I mean a LOT better. No aches (other than my normal old man aches), no fever, no chills, or want to throw myself down the stairs (at least no more than usual). The dry, stomach clenching, guttural coughing was also largely absent (although it comes on now and then). Nope, I awoke but nothing but a spring in my step (not really), a smile on my face (not at all) and the returned desire for physical activity beyond pooping, sleeping and showering.


I probably could have done a short ride, but instead I did an easy three-mile run/jog/lumber on the treadmill, easing my widening bodice back into physical activity while listening to Kasabian’s Live at Brixton Academy on the portable hi-fi.

What do I credit this recovery to? Beer(s) and homemade Soiled Beef & Bean Burritos of course. They provided a real good system flush for the digestive tract, as well as some bad gas (sorry Wifey). Next time I’m just skipping the bed rest and medications and just going right to the beer and beans.


I realize that the photos used in today’s post have nothing at all to do with this dross I am calling a blog post. I was just hoping to finally use them for something since they turned out much better than my first experiment with the Holga. I’m looking forward to shooting some more with it soon.


It’s odd to shoot with the Holga… you know you’re going to get crap, but some of it is good, blurry, double exposed crap that’s not made to look like crap with a program or app, so it’s not crap, it’s Holgatastic. Anyway, for now, this crap-shit post will have to do.


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