The Ditching of Subparness


It took two days, but I was finally able to get out on the bike for a road ride. It has also taken what seems like a lifetime to get out on the road and not have multiple layers of clothing on. Not to jinx it, but looking at the long-range forecast, it seems like spring and/or summer may have finally sprung for good here in Michiganderburgh.

Today I deviated from my normal 41 mile road bike loop and added another 4 miles of low traffic pavement on to give me 45 miles on the nose (wait, that’s a lie, Garmin says 44.92… those fuckers and their satellites and shit). I was pretty stoked to add on some pavement and not have to venture on to any major roads. Win.


Sometimes I actually like people

About 25 miles in I was on the good (for Michigan) pavement and rolling hills of Coleman Road. I was cruising along, enjoying the ride when I could hear a car slowing down beside me. Oh boy… 99% of the time if a car slows down from 50+ mph to 20 mph beside a cyclist, NO GOOD comes of it. I looked out from the corner of my eye to see a Nissan Xterra SUV, I braced myself for an insult, snide remark or hurled can of Keystone Light, but to my amazement, no such thing happened. The passenger window came down and a smiling woman from the driver’s seat yelled out “Way to go! Hope you’re enjoying the ride! My husband is out today too, have a great ride!!” I was sort of in shock. It took a second for it to register, give her a thumbs up sign and the simply reply “Hey, thanks! It’s a great day for a ride!” I think it took me two miles to get the shocked smile off my face. Bike people and people around my part of Michiganderburgh continue to surprise me every so often.


It had been a few rides since I arrived home with good a good vibe and not feeling like I should sell all my bikes and take up a new hobby like drinking myself blind, so it was good to roll some miles in the warm weather and feel good at the ride’s end.

I was supposed to do the Hanson Hills 50 this weekend, but since my family schedule, weather and my twisted feeling hip and back have left me with less base miles than usual for such an effort I am just gonna try to get in as many miles over the long weekend as I can… whether it be on gravel, pavement or singletrack. Yeah, yeah, I know, I could just ride the 50 and get those miles, that’s true. BUT I would have to pay for an entry fee and get Jake (the dog) boarded for weekend (Wifey & B will be back in Pittsburgh). That would not be a big deal if it was just Saturday, but because of the holiday weekend it would be at least Saturday through Monday and rack up more dollars than I would like and would be more time away from my furry, labia faced lover dog than I want. (Don’t judge me!) Update: I was informed the doggy hotel is full anyway.

A final note


I saw this sign along the road last week and it made me laugh out loud. For the life of me I really don’t even know why it’s there… it’s placed in a grassy hedgerow that takes up about 20 yards in between two houses just outside of town. Who is the sign meant for?? Rabbits? A raccoon? People… they’re funny… ish.


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