The Post After The Last One

Posts have been few are far between (it’s the least I can do for the people of the interwebs) but I have been well occupied, if not well while being occupied.

This time last week I looked ahead at the weather and things were looking great for the week but wet and rather bleak for the days after. I figured I’d better get riding while the riding’s good. So I did.

My legs felt better some days than others–as did my mind–and the wind was a bitch on a couple of occasions but by the week’s end I had over 150 miles in my gelatinous legs.

I supposed if I would have spent less time taking photos of pigs and empty wine bottles and more time knocking out miles I could have got well over 200 miles in instead of 150 but there’s no fun in that.

I think most people would consider me a person that takes photos rather than a photographer, and that’s fine, I just know that most days I am more motivated by the idea of pedaling for pixels (#pedaling4pixels) than miles accrued.

I can think of no better way to document the world around me than via a bicycle. Driving doesn’t allow one to experience the surroundings and pick up on the little things as much and walking takes too damn long. Sure some days I spend so much time clicking pics that I average about 10 MPH, but I’m cool with that.

Conditions have been warm and dry for October. I think I’ve only worn arm warmers once so far this fall and the roads are dusty and sandy.

During one of my rides south of town last week I was coming up a long hill false flat that splits a dairy farm and a massive corn field in the midst of being harvested. The road was sandy as hell and the shoulder was super deep loose gravel and sand. As my bad luck would have it vehicles were approaching from behind and in front. I pulled over a bit, got into a low gear to try to spin through the sand but came to abrupt stop. Shit. With a foot down I waited for the cars to pass, got off the bike and found a patch of hard packed dirt to climb back on. Not one of my better moments.

Rain is coming down in a stead drizzle right now and is supposed to continue to do so for the next 24 hours or more. Makes me happy with my decision to put other things on the back burner and get as much time in outside as I could last week.

After the rain ends (whenever that might be) things are supposed to cool off and get a little more October in Michigan-like. Thankfully nothing too drastic, but me thinks that the arm and knee warmers are going to be utilized a little more often in the coming weeks.

I’m slowly getting my Junk Miles photo site back up and running. I’ve decided it is just going to be a sub domain of his site. I have it pretty much done but need to think about what exactly it’s going to be. I guess I never really knew what it was supposed to be, now I have no clue. Whatever it is, it will be back soon. I think.


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