The Road More Paved


For me, a slack forty-four year old who is currently training for nothing other than to not drunkenly kill over whilst on the crapper, riding three days in a row is not only strange, but sort of an effort at times. Yeah, I know, I’m not exactly setting the world afire with my speeds and distances, I’m not doing intervals, hill repeats or anything that stupid resembles a hardcore training regime, but I’m still riding at a “comfortably hard” pace (in between photos), a pace and structure that is often referred to as “junk miles” by racers and coaches that give a shit [foreshadowing, ask me later]. And sometimes my crap body feels it.

What-evs, with today being Veteran’s Day [thank you Vets], Wifey was off from work, but B-Man was at school. Part of me wanted to stay at home, draw a hot bubble bath full of love, and nakedly lounge around being all lovey dovey with my bosomy, ginger haired gal-pal. BUT, the other part of me wanted to get out for a ride of a different sort on the Boone.

Why can’t we do both? [TMI? I thought so, sorry].


With rain and high winds in the forecast for Thursday and Friday I wanted to get out for a longer ride (for me) today. No prob, but when you add in my newfound habit of stopping to take a pic every time a bit of rural living tickled my chamoised up undercarriage, the time can start to add up. So, to save time, instead of being one of my normal rides that is 80% dirt and 20% pavement, I opted for a 50/50 mix of pavement and dirt. Meaning that 50% of the ride sucked paved balls.


I’m sort of joking about that. Some of the pavement I was on I consider some of the best I’ve ever ridden in my life. However some–despite being in the middle of B.F., Michigan–had me feeling like the next car to pass me would definitely be the one that would kill me down dead. Thankfully (I guess), that didn’t happen,

What happened was I got in a 41+ mile ride, it felt great (except when I was tired and cold and it didn’t) and I got home with enough time to eat lunch, light some candles, put some Sade on the hi-fi and draw a warm bath laced with rose petals… for myself. Later, after Wifey’s annual six hour Veteran’s Day nap, we would hang out and be lovey dovey talk for a few minutes until B-Man came home from school.

In the end, a nice three days or riding. I have got in over 100 miles of slacker boy riding, with more to come in the next few days I hope. More importantly, I was able to get some pretty darn OK pics with the X-T10. I can’t tell you how much I love that camera… Love me some Fuji!

Instead of a bunch of pics for the post, I am going to try out a new gallery plugin. Just click on the pics to make larger. I think it’s swell.


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