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After three days in a row of decent riding, we here in Michigan were treated to two days and nights of rain, gray skies and gusting 30+ mile per hour winds. Needless to say there was no way I riding in that crap, but since I had to go out to run a series of errands late Friday afternoon, I took my camera and did some stomping around one of the county parks close by.

When I left the house the sky’s coloring alternated between slate gray and under the bed black. By the time I made it to the park it was spitting snow flurries, and by the time I was midway through my hike there were hints of sunshine streaming through the trees. In other words, it was a pretty typical November day in Michigan.


By the looks of it, I was the only car in the park’s lot, yet as I walked along one grassy path surrounded by brush and trees I couldn’t help but feel I was being watched. I stopped looked to my left and saw a deer staring me down in the thick brush not more than four feet from me. I raised my camera in an attempt to get a shot, but of course this spooked it and it took off, crashing through the brush before cutting across the path and out of sight.


There weren’t a ton of photo opportunities during my time at the park, but, as my late mother used to say, it was nice to “get out and blow the stink off me.”

As I headed to my car and started to pack my camera away I noticed another car had just pulled in the lot. A couple, who looked to be in their twenties, got out proceeded to walk off into the woods. She tossed a small back pack over her shoulder and he slung a camera around his neck. I’m not sure why that made me smile, but it did.

Saturday morning has brought sunny skies and much lighter winds. So it’s time to do some digesting, some dumping and battery charging before heading out on the bike for a ride.


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