The Soiled Burger Project Final


The Soiled Burger Project is over (hold your applause, please), and I gotta tell you, it all seems sort of anticlimactic. I made more than a few burgers over the last month or so, surely upped my cholesterol a few points and no doubt ingested my fair share of bovine antibiotics, that will most likely prevent me from fighting off future illnesses and leave me dying of consumption in the winter to come (again, hold  your applause).

All those burgers, all that meat, all that grilling and it has come full circle to the Burger 01.

While I didn’t post every burger I made over the last month or so (thank me later), I always came back to Burger 01 when I was jonzing for the meats and no time to try new things. The combination of spices and BBQ sauce was mighty tasty to my taste buds and I kept going back to it again and again. So, just in time for the Fourth of July,  I am declaring Soiled Burger 01 the winner in this “has no place on a cycling blog” feature.

Now you may applaud, you’re welcome. Go forth and grill in peace.

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