The Sound of The Vent

* I was really hoping to get out for a ride on the snow today, but it turns out I didn’t… and I had to deal with that as best I could.

The weather: BLAH! I have forced myself to deal with the cold this year, semi-forced myself to embrace cross-country skiing, and even forked over cash for a used fat bike. BUT, I still have not been able to force myself out into 9˚ temps, PLUS a gusting 25+ mph wind and all the windchill warnings associated with it. That just doesn’t appeal to me. So, I ended up on the trainer for an hour and twenty minutes today.

The suck thing was, I had the Musk Ox sitting on the sun porch ready to go, gathered my clothes ready etc.,.. but then I heard it., the sound of the kitchen stove’s outside vent rattling and being blown about by the gusting winds. I looked out, saw the clouds whipping by, the snow on the ground blowing about and the tree limbs bending and I knew that a ride was probably a bad idea.

With that, I put on my heart rate monitor, pulled up my fat man chamois and got on the trainer. Cuss.

At first it wasn’t a big deal, but by the time I was done, the sun was out, the wind seemed to calm down a bit and the temperatures rose to nearly 15˚ (woot?). I couldn’t get over the fact that maybe I should have gone? Probably.

Still, every time I hear that vent rattle I just KNOW that shit ain’t right outside. Fuck it. Shit happens, right? There’s always tomorrow… or the next day… or the next day… or the next day….

*Note: Usually I start of the post with a photo, but not today. I mean do you REALLY want to see a pic of my stove’s vent, or me on the trainer? I didn’t think so.

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