The Weight of A Toddler


Riding has been non-existent for over a week now. Along with doing a crap ton of stuff to get our house ready to sell, I’ve been doing some volunteer design work for the soccer club and some freelance stuff for the shop. The only physically active things I’ve done has been some running lumbering on the treadmill and the lifting heavy things for no reason.

Then today I went to my doctor for my six month check up and saw that I need to lose roughly the weight of an overweight toddler just to get back to where I was two years ago. And THAT wasn’t good either!!

I really screwed up. I got lazy and complacent. I thought that I was doing enough; I wasn’t. Yes, I was working out, but I was eating like I was doing 24 hour races again and drinking like a frat boy with a new credit card. After a winter spent doing next to nothing, it’s time to get serious, because I don’t EVER want to see those numbers on the scale again!! I can handle being ten or 15 pounds heavier, I mean I am nearly 45 years old and have fat boy genes, but things have gotten way out of control.

I figure that March is the perfect time to start cutting back. Get the routine of riding/workout out going again so that when the real balls of the spring riding kicks in I’ll be ready. Cutting back doesn’t mean dieting, diets don’t work. I mean eating quality foods and drinking like a normal person instead of a someone hell-bent on destroying his liver and/or starting to shop in the Big Man’s department (again). On top of that I plan on doing REAL workouts and rides DAILY, not two or three times a week.

It’s nobody’s fault but my own, I started thinking the way I did during the Fat Jason v.1 years… A time when I took out my frustrations and controlled my moods by eating and drinking to excess, then getting depressed and eating more, because “fuck it.”  I lost site of the joy I got from riding, working out and cooking and eating healthy.

There’s been many times over the past five years that I said I was going to get back to the way I used to do things and I didn’t. Today was/is different. Seeing numbers on the scale that I haven’t seen in 25 years scared the fucking shit out of me! So, Operation Fit to Fat & Back started today with three high quality meals, lots of water and an hour of steady tempo on trainer.

I plan to keep an honest journal of Fit to Fat & Back, but I don’t plan on sharing it with public posts. Maybe in the future, but for now most post will be private. I need to see in black and white, what I’m doing and not doing every day until I see the removal of the somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 50 pounds. Fuck! I don’t ever need to be as skinny as I once was, but I sure has hell don’t want to continue the path I’m on.

Hope to get our for some real rides and pictures later this week. Tomorrow is supposed to bring another round of snow and high winds, so it will probably be time on the trainer with an eye on Wednesday and Thursday for outdoor riding.


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