Throwback XC


As I’ve mentioned in the past, the bike shop I work at part-time has quite a bit of old mountain bike race memorabilia. One of the owners used to be the mechanic for the now extinct Volvo-Cannondale Mountain Bike Team, so the shop features a ton of stuff from the V/C team as well as some photos, jerseys and what not from other racers of the era.

The bad iPhone pic above is of one of my favorite bikes (literally) hanging around the shop: Alison Sydor’s 2000 Olympic race bike. That bike is fifteen years old and it still gets a lot of attention from folks that come in the shop. Other than the 26″ wheels, it also looks like it could still be seen at a race today.

Alison Sydor took 5th at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

Alison Sydor was/is one of the true legends of the sport and it’s cool to see a piece of XCO history up close. You can see some bits of Sydor in action below.

I’m sure I will have more stuff to post in the future, and hopefully a better photo of Sydor’s bike!



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