Too Far To The Left

I thought I would share this, for no other reason than it shows how much I DON’T pay attention to things…


Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is my wheel a little TOO far to the right in the fork. Actually, it is my RIGHT Reba lower a little too far to the left. By “a little” I of course mean a lot.

I was in my local shop last week when Mike The Wrench pointed it out to me. He thought it was the wheel, so he took the wheel out, put it on the truing stand and it was all good. Checked the dish, all good. Then he started looking at the lowers.

Mike The Wrench: “I think it’s your fork, did you like drive into something with it on your roof rack?”

Me: “No!”

Mike The Wrench: “Hmmm…..” [I hate it when a wrench says “Hmmmm….]

Turns out from my Googling that I am not the only person to have this issue with the Reba. The thing that I find unbelievable, is that the wrench that installed it in June (2012) didn’t notice it was off (he notices all that shit, just check my bank account), and (more importantly) HOW THE HELL DID I RIDE THIS FOR OVER A YEAR AND NOT NOTICE?? I’M SUCH A FUCKING DUNCE!  Now I have to try to convince Rock Shox that it wasn’t ME who fucked it up. Good grief!

To be honest it doesn’t interfere, THAT much with the performance, although there is a wear mark were the tire must have, at times, rubbed the arch under extreme flex. It still pisses me off though, because when you spend $500+ for a fork, it SHOULD be spot on.  By the way, I wasn’t convinced that it was the fork, so I put my old Easton wheel in to check with the same results. My whole hand can fit through one side and barely a finger on the other. Did I say good grief already??

At this time I am still waiting to hear from the shop on whether I Rock Shox will hook me up with some proper lowers… and NO I am not going to have my brand new wheel dished to compensate for a fork that SHOULD be perfect.

Oh well, still riding the hell out of it.

UPDATE: The LBS talked to Rock Shox, they said it was a known casting issue with that batch and new lowers are on the way. Giddy up. Oddly enough later that day my iPhone’s power button pooped the bed. Carrier said it was a known issue and the phone (via insurance policy) is being replaced. Cheers to companies getting things done…. the second time around.

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