Trainers, Spuds & Dogs


My mid-winter blog posts generally fall into four possible topics: riding my fatty outside, cooking up grub, riding the trainer, or Jake (the dog). The first of those topics is only mildly interesting, even to my closest of friends and family (even that is a stretch). The other three topics could surely be left unwritten about by me, especially on what purports itself to be a cycling blog. Well, since I didn’t ride outside today, I figured, I’d go ahead and talk about all three of those other things. Like they say, if you throw enough shit (or in this case shitty blog topics) against a wall, something is bound to stick.

The winter shutdown is over! (sort of)

The three-day physical and mental shutdown spurred by the Michiganderburgh winter has come to an end (of sorts). Yes, the past two days I somehow found a way to force my ass onto the trainer in the Stankment™ (formerly known as the Not-So-Stankment™, it seems it only took four years to stank it up). Two days of staring into (literally) a broken wall mirror with nothing but the sounds of an aging trainer’s flywheel and my music to keep me company, as legs so bright white they can’t even be caught on film propelled me miles and miles to nowhere. Good times… good times…


Even though it was only on the trainer, it felt good to finally get some efforts in after a few days of self imposed man-sloth.

More man on spud love

A few times here and there on the Cat 5 Cooking pages of the blog I have professed my love for the potato and my annoyance for those who have made it their mission to spread hate on the potato. Like anything, no one is telling you to eat a 5 lb. bag of them or in “chip” form, but they can be quite good for you. That is why on occasion I feel the need to defend the potato yet again and cook up some, which I did for lunch today making up some Soiled Oven Fries. I even had some ketchup on the side to really make the food police squirm.


According to My Plate on, the crispy, spicy spuds I baked up for lunch contained roughly 300 calories, 7 grams of fat, 55 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of fiber and 5.5 grams of protein. Given my past history with food and drink this lunch is the least of my worries and made for a good post workout lunch.

Edit: I neglected to mention how I made the above Spoiled Soiled Oven Fries in the original post, so here we go… Take one ten-ish ounce potato, sliced into fries, soaked in some cold water for about 30 minutes or longer (depending on how much time you have, you don’t have to do this at all, but it helps them crisp up). Drain the starchy spud water, pat dry and toss with a 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil, black pepper and a few dashes of Tony Chachere’s Bold Creole Seasoning. Then spread fries evenly on a cookie sheet and bake for ten minutes. Take ’em out, flip ’em and bake another 10 minutes. Eat and enjoy f*cking the food poe-lice!

Because I promised Jake (the dog)


Yep, more Jake (the dog). At least I spared you pics of him vomiting which he did moments ago. At least I heard it coming and got some paper towel under the splatter before it hit. Winning.

Sadly, even though I am getting my mojo back, an ill-timed dentist appointment tomorrow to hopefully repair a broken molar will most likely prevent any saddle time, inside or out.


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