Waiting It Out


I woke up Friday rocking some sort of allergy/head cold thing. I was less than thrilled, but it’s not too bad and hasn’t slowed me down too much. Of course it’s hard to get slowed down when doing nothing. Saturday morning we got a dusting of now, so I figured I’d wait it out and see if it would melt. The sun came out and the snow did indeed melt, but with the temperature struggling to get into the low thirties, and the wind gusting out of the north, I had no desire to be out freezing on my bike. Instead I grabbed my camera–so as to take some crap photos–and did a short hike around one of our local county parks to get out and blow the stink off me.

The walk was short and the air was brisk, but it was nice to get out and do something outside and get some vitamin D. I was hopeful to get out on Sunday.


Sunday I woke up to snow yet again. I figured it would melt again and I could get out for a ride, or at very least go for another hike with the camera. Instead of melting, it snowed more, then it turned to freezing rain, then back to snow, then more freezing rain. Eventually it turned to straight rain. I want to be pissed that the weather is being so fucking psycho, but looking at the coming days, it seems that this MIGHT be winter’s final gasp.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 2.04.23 PM

So yeah, the weather sucks, my “doing stuff” consists of watching TV, playing video games, drinking beer, and trying to convince Wifey to fight crime with me. Yep, I’m just saying “fuck it,” but not in the way I normally say “fuck it.” This time I’m saying because my attention is focused on improving weather, our move north of town in just eight days, and the opportunity to ride more then. Just don’t let me get in the habit after that!

My plan for Monday is to do an indoor workout, saving rides for later in thew week as temperatures gradually improve. Gotta get back on the Fit to Fat and Back train pronto!


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