While it Lasted


Last week was an optimal early spring week for getting time on the bike and continuing some mild success with the Fit to Fat & Back process. Sadly, this week has been crap. The weather was rainy, blustery, and cool; riding was limited and time spent indoors “doing stuff” was high. On top of that any potential weight loss is unknown do to my scale in need a new battery and me being too forgetful stupid to remember to buy one. Add to that my “cheat day” came earlier than expected due to a mind funk and you have the makings for a more unsuccessful week in my life than usual.

Thankfully on Friday the storms had finally moved out of the area, the high wind warnings receded, and I finally got out on my bike for a ride. A ride in cool 35˚ “spring” temperatures, but a ride nonetheless.


Despite a spring thaw followed heavy thunderstorms this week, the dirt roads were actually in pretty good shape. Surely a couple of days of  20-40 MPH winds had something to dow with that.

The field surrounding town are currently littered with small, impromptu lakes that have become temporary sanctuaries for thousands of geese and waterfowl. The photo directly above is just one of the several fowl infested lakes that I rode by on Friday. Geesepooptastic.


There are also a ton of red-winged black birds and other small birds out ducking, dodging, weaving and singing around me as I roll over the roads of the area of central Michigan that I refer to as Michiganderburgh. I’m no ornithologist or bird watcher, but I always dig seeing the birds, and dig them even more when they cooperate with having their photo taken.


Right now is a tough time of year around here. You want it to be spring, but Michigan is not ready for it to be spring. That means that one week it’s in the 50s and sunny, the next it’s in the 30s and cloudy, raining or snowing. It’s also a very brown and muddy time of year.




The farm animals are caked in mud, the fields look like France circa 1916, and the landscape is filled with rotting remains of the fall harvest, numerous carcasses of wildlife that didn’t survive the winter, and random plastic porch furniture. It’s the seasonal equivalent of a dirty diaper found along a cold, rain-soaked road.




The week thus far has been lackluster for outdoor activities, and there is no real warm up in the near future, but as I type there is bright blue sky and sunshine. Sure it’s only 30˚, but I’ll take what I can get.


Time to air up the tires, charge the camera battery, and get out in the sunshine and calm winds while it lasts. Oh, the Michigan spring….


Truth in blogging: I am totally going to poach part of this post to put up on junkmilesmedia.com.

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