You Wouldn’t Know It

You wouldn’t know it by my lack of posts, or my ever-expanding waistline, but I think I might FINALLY be back to being 100% physically, and 69% (NICE!) mentally, which IS pretty much 100% for me.

Rooftop of a car museum (I think) near one of the pitches in Dayton.

The weather of March has been typical Michigan, not the winter shit show of January and February, but cold temps and mushy roads and trails mean my growing desire for outdoor riding has not yet been satiated.

However, after being sick with the Great Plague of 2019 for so long, I am happier than a… well, um… OK, admittedly I’m not so good with happy analogies. Let’s just say I’m glad to be feeling better.

I agree, but seemed random.

I will say that in March my motivation to stuff the fleshy rolls of cottage cheese that hang from my torso into some bibs and ride the Hammer has grown longer than a porn star’s penis (see, penis analogies I can do!). Thus far in March, I have 8 hours and over 140 miles of “riding” compared to plague-riddled February where I managed a meager 2 hours of “riding” and 46 miles over 28 goddamn days. Those March numbers aren’t great compared to outside riding numbers, even for me, but we’re talking trainer miles here, so suck it haters.

My favorite left back trying to stay warm. Damn, those ears are red!!


Sunny skies, but COLD temps.

In between those semi-fictional miles riding nowhere fast in various Zwift™ worlds, we also traveled to Dayton, Ohio last weekend for a soccer tournament. B’s team went up against some of the top teams in Ohio and played well the first two matches; losing just 1-0 in the first and drawing 2.-2 in the second before getting spanked by the #2 ranked team in Ohio on Sunday morning. All in all, it was fun, and the boys got some game time in against some quality teams before the Michigan Premier 1 season starts in April.

Post-match knee icing and phone time.

I’ve also been working about a day a week at the shop, and have finally started picking up some much-needed gear as I prepare for a spring and summer of junk miles with my camera.

Great pizza and beer at Old Scratch. This Columbus Bodhi DIPA was damn good.

Lastly, you may have noticed I changed the blog’s header. As I enter the twilight of my time on earth (is 47 years old too young for that sort of talk?), riding my bike had become just another hobby of mine along with drinking, watching footy, cooking, listening to music, ordering clothes from big man’ catalogs, photography, and hiking. So, I figured it was time for a change. I don’t know if I even consider myself a cyclist anymore (I KNOW I don’t look like one anymore), and more and more I now find myself trying to distance myself from bike culture; especially the cycling industry. My time in the shop has me feeling like I’m a recovering alcoholic trying to bartend.

Anyway, the header was done quickly while I had the thought, and will probably continue to be refined as time allows, but I feel good seeing words that identify me more as the idiot I am, rather than a cyclist. I have no plans to stop riding my bike, but feel the need to be honest with people who come to this blog expecting tales of endurance racing and long days in the saddle; those days are gone. What you will see here is an immature 47-year-old who likes to ride his bike, and can’t write, post photos and words about whatever happens to be happening his world at the time. I’m OK with that.


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