I’ll Take It


The corn and the beans are all but gone, with just a few stragglers remaining here and there, but for the most part the dirt and gravel roads are now void of most everything that even thinks about growing from the soil. Having said that, you would never know that it was November 2nd in the middle of Rectal Fornication, Michigan because it was sunny and close to 70˚ degrees today. I wouldn’t call that normal, but I will sure as hell take it when I can get it!


Most of the dirt and gravel roads were still pretty fucked from all the recent rain; there would be a fast section here and there, but then you would hit with a section like the one seen below that was so filled with potholes, I was about one bump away from unintentionally milking my prostate.


I seriously can’t even comprehend how a road can get that many pot holes in it! I’d take cobbles over this shit any day!


I sort of wish I would have been motivated to put the 40c WTB Nano tires back on, but I wasn’t and felt a little beat up by the end of this ride. Still, it was freaking tits to be out for a morning ride on November 2nd in a long-sleeved base layer and knee warmers and be overheated by the ride’s end.


I of course made time to snap a few pics, including one of the best pics yet of some local Nubian goats. No use blathering about the ride, it was just a quick 37 mile dirt road ride, but it was awesome to get out. Many times my Monday’s are void of rides, so any time I get out, I’m stoked.



While I took a few  good pics during the ride, one of my fave pics came later in the day as I was fooling around with the X-T10 out on the porch. I was playing with the ISO and shutter speeds and just so happened to catch a bird coming in for a snack at one of my feeders. There’s a good bit of noise due to the high ISO I had going and I was maxed out at 200mm but it’s cool to see the bird coming in for a landing.

The weather looks pretty awesome here this week, so I hope to get as much riding in as I can between full-time dad duties and pixel pushing on some design stuff.


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