Changing of The Plan


Not long after I hit the publish button on this morning’s post about riding the fatty and taking pics, and how I probably wouldn’t ride until Monday due to weather and my family activities, I kitted up and went for a short Better Than The Trainer Ride™. It wasn’t the best, it wasn’t worst, but I’m glad I got out to blow the ‘Weener stink off of me.

It wasn’t raining when I left, but it had rained a bit earlier and there was a crap ton more of the wet stuff on the way; still I went.


I used the Boone, with a small bar bag for my smaller Fuji x100s and a Ziploc freezer bag (in case things got wet). Thankfully I did because on the flat, short 28 mile ride there was very little quality picture snapping and more than enough cold ass rain.


I have a few different versions of the Better Than The Trainer Ride™; some of them are straight pavement, others are balls out dirt and gravel, and some are a combo. Today SHOULD have been a paved BTTTR™ but like a Goddamn fool, I went straight onto the dirt roads and didn’t look back except to say “this shit is muddy, I should have done the paved route!”

Like an idiot I also left without putting on my fender. The result was a muddy, soggy ass that felt like someone took a cheese grater to my anus and then gave me repeated ice water enemas. I know better, but…





It wasn’t a long ride, but pretty quick and the Boone was awesome as per usual (I LOVE that bike!). It would have been a bit “awesome-er” if I wouldn’t have got soaked by the cold rain that moved in by mile ten, but as per usual, once I’m out and riding in the slop I really don’t give a shit. I was super glad I got out for SOMETHING, even if was a flat, muddy, dirt road ride north of town.

B-Man is over a friend/teammate’s house tonight for a Halloween bonfire, so Wifey and I are heading out for some pizza and beverages before we inevitably come home and watch those fucking jerks on House Hunters and go to bed by 10 PM.

Oh yeah, Jake (the dog) says Boo n’at…



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