A Brief Respite


After 3.5 days of being ill, it was so awesome to wake up on Friday morning and not feel like I’d been drug through the street by a group of angry Stevie Wonder fans. It was even nicer to get me and my Goblin-ish chins and belly on the treadmill for a three-mile lumber, and nicer still to get out for a quick but satisfying 1:45 ramble on Michiganderburgh dirt roads via the Farley on Saturday. But…

You just knew there had to be a “but.” It was very, VERY disappointing to be feeling sick again by late Saturday afternoon. Yep, Round One of my pre-Christmas week illness involved a dry cough, aches and chills. Round Two has brought the cough back (despite my vocal displeasure) and added in itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and nasal issues along with general malaise and an outwardly displayed sour disposition hateful venom for anyone and everyone that comes near me. Gosh-darn-son-of-a-buck!!!

Oh well, what are you gonna do? Fecal matter happens and sometimes it comes in the form of illness. Hey, at least it came during a period of the year that I am a miserable bastard anyway! It’s the whole two turds one dump thing.

Enough of that crap, the ride was swell!


After five days off the bike, the first few miles of pedaling through 28˚ (ride time) temps did not feel all that great. I contemplated aborting, but no sooner did I have that unfortunate thought than I started warming up and feeling good. Thank you Ride Gods!

I had brief moments of feeling REAL good, but for the most part the ride was merely tolerable and more of a mental rub/tug than anything to do with fitness goals. I was more than content just to be outside and free from the sour aroma that laces the blankets in the Chamber of Farts.

For one of the first time in weeks, I rode past the dairy farm (seen above) that is part of my standard dirt road loop south of Mount Peezy and DIDN’T pass the milk truck dude there to haul fresh, cow nip sucked milk. I’ve passed that dude so many times this fall and winter that I feel like I should stop and introduce myself. This ride I was only greeted with one of the farm’s employees taking a look outside to see what was going down as she let her nips breath.

With that, I am off to lounge around and be the miserable prick that I am when I’m sick (or when a Christmas tree is in my house). Riding will probably be on hold for a week or so due to the cursed holiday and the travel that Wifey forces me at gun point to do (by “gun point” I of course mean threats of withholding physical affection). Posts will most likely be few and far between in the coming week (lucky you).

If I can’t muster up the time, energy and good will in the coming days, I will just wish you all Happy Holidays now and be done with it.


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