A Lack of Crush

This week has really lived up to the anti-hype. I’ve been sick since Monday and got out for just ONE short ride on Tuesday before things really went south. As of this morning (Friday) I am slightly better (from shitty to crappy, nudging my way slowly towards poopy) but with no ride planned. Oh well, it’s a head/chest cold, it will pass… or I will, either way it’s a win.


The worst part is that the weather has been spec-fall-fucking-tacular and would’ve been perfect for getting out to crush miles of gravel and roll some Michiganderburgh dirt roads. I’m really hoping that the sick exits soon and I can get back to riding ASAP.  Before any of that happens though, the unit and I are taking a quick weekend trip to the city of wide, birthing hips: Chicago.**

The plan is to see the Fire vs DC United tomorrow night and squeeze in some other, Wifey planned, activities around that. I’m not much of a city person but the chance to take in a match with B-Man was too good to pass up. Just in case I start getting the no riding, big city shakes, I made the GIF file above that I can stare and zone out to.

**EDIT: It’s come to my attention that Chicago is NOT nicknamed “the city of wide, birthing hips.” It seems that it’s known as “the city of broad shoulders.” I stand corrected. Although I actually prefer “hog butcher for the world.”  I bet you that’s what Wifey has planned for us before the match! I bet you we’re going to one of those slaughter your own hog restaurants that are all the rage in Chicago-land these days. SWEET!! Fire up the grill and let the blood bath begin, I’m going to the city pa!!

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