A Slow Sunday Quicky

I was up a bit late last night doing stupid things and up early this morning to do more stupid things like watching footy on TV, and I had little desire to ride. Until I thought about NOT riding and that made riding seem better. Strange.


There wasn’t that much to the ride; It was cold, I was tired, I didn’t ride long, I rode my fatty and I had a reasonable good time out on the dirt roads south of town. That seems like a good enough explanation of my lackluster efforts today.


Riding Michiganderburgh dirt roads might not be the most exciting thing in the world but for some reason, right now, I am riding them more than ever. I am sure my local-ish trails are in good shape but for some reason I jsust keep riding the dirt roads. Not sure whether that is good or bad, or if I even care. All I know is that I am getting outside, burning some calories and enjoying the ride (as much as a depressive like me can).



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