A Temporary Return


It seemed like forever since I last rode outside. I am fully aware that in reality it was 11 days, but it might as well have been 1,100. As mentioned in a previous post, that time was well spent doing my best to become a Tub-O-Goo. A fatter, rounder, dumber me. Just what the world needs.

Today however I was finally able to say “Goo be damned!” and get out for a ride. Not a long ride, but a quick short 20 mile snirt road ride on the Fatterson in 25˚ temps is better than nothing, and since it was on the Fatterson it felt 50% harder, and was 40.23%  slower than when on a “real” bike (stats based on feel rather than some whacked out witchcraft like math). No offence to fat ridin’ , winter lovin’ folk, but I can’t wait to ditch the heavy fatty and get back to riding real bikes while wearing less than four layers of clothing on.


If I was a bird, I have no doubt my house would look like this.

Conditions were actually pretty good for riding; the temps were cold enough to make things firm, we got a dusting of fresh snow last night, and the wind–while present–was tolerable. It would have been way more tolerable had I been able to find my balaclava. I couldn’t feel my face for a while afterwards, usually it takes 7 IPAs for that to happen. These conditions will mostly likely be temporary, as temps are supposed to get warm and rainy in a day or so and turn everything to muck again, before they get cold and freeze it all up again [sigh].


Got another pic of my favorite bovine Oliver.



Barns always cooperate for portraits.


I can’t say I felt all that strong, but it sure as hell beat doing stupid shit like lifting weights or running on the treadmill! I had some luck here and there with the picture takin’ but didn’t ride away with too much.


Grasping for shots of any color at all.

I am hopeful for another ride today (Thursday) but as of now it’s 6˚. Hmmm… I might need to do some work until it at least reaches double digits, and look for that goddamn missing balaclava. I may be forced to squeeze my fat head into B-Man’s old one!


Would love to have an accent wall in the new house made of this.

I have to admit, it was nice to get outside and blow the mental stink off and to get a sweat on. It was also nice to get some photos, and have something to write and work on that wasn’t some random crap post about NOT riding. Riding in the cold was also a great excuse to make a hug pot of White Chicken Chili later in the day.


The view from the bird house.

Off get some real work done and to continue my search for the balaclava.


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