A Weak Back

Since the last volley of word salad hurled from my mind to the pages of this HTML concocted time suck, there has been much improvement to both body and mind.

My weak, jacked up back has improved greatly, and I have resumed all regular halfhearted attempts at calorie burning and endorphin creation. There has been no outdoor riding due to my new and improved hatred for all things involving me spending 20 minutes stuffing sacks of man-flesh into five layers of clothing, to do a shit ride. This resistance to being outside and freezing my nips off on a bike will most likely change at some point, but for now, I feel more than content to sweat my balls off in the Not So Stankment on the Hammer.

A midweek appointment with my doctor to re-up my blood thinner and Daddy’s Littl’ Helper also proved helpful in some adjustments that should fend off increased visits from the Black Dog. Of course, those increased milligrams will also give my crotchial region a numb, dildo-like staying power and make it even harder for my old ass to lose any weight, but it beats the alternative. I guess. Maybe. Wifey should be happy though.

Since my last post, winter has also made an appearance. It’s not the first sight of snowflakes, this fall/winter but it’s the first time anything stuck to the ground. To celebrate, I headed into the woods for a post-Zwift™/lunchtime hike around with my camera.

The temps were around 36˚, so the snow was wet, slushy and pretty crap. I’m hoping that if we’re going to get snow this winter, it will at least be the sort that you can get out to snowshoe, XC ski, or fat bike in. A shit layer of wet, snow that changes to rain then freezes is pretty crap weather for doing stuff in.

I’m hopeful that these newfound improvements to my back and mind continue throughout the week, I’m going to need all cylinders firing for the coming holiday season!


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