Almost Suck


With another failed attempt at riding singletrack in the woods on Saturday, I left the idea for a while and set off on the Boone Sunday morning for a dirt road ride from the house. I hadn’t even made mile, and I had already run into three other cyclists. That was pretty sweet.

Of course I hadn’t even made it five miles when my rear tire started making an unusual noise. Actually, it’s wasn’t that unusual of a noise for rear tire on its way to being flat. Shit balls!!

Knowing that it was for realz flat, I pulled off the road into small clearing so as not to be run down by a runaway minivan full of stretch pants, text sending cell phones, and jumbo sized soft drinks.

Wheel off, tire off, tube out, tire checked, tube in, tire on, 16g shot of air in, wheel on, on the road.

Part of me though that I should head back home and grab a spare tube before continuing on, but part of me knew that if I went home I would probably say fuck it, ditch my chamois, grab a beer, and do fuck all while watching footy. Plus, I only had 25 more miles to go.


I was super pleased with how well the 16g canister got my tire up to snuff, and I was even more pleased to be back on the road before saying fuck it. However I was not that pleased to be heading into a super, man-sized wind from the north/west. But such is life riding bikes in Michigan.


Outside of that stiff wind, the day was perfect for riding bikes. Temps in the high seventies, blue sky, and brilliant sun. Given that it was 90˚ yesterday, I was pleased with the cooler temps.


I had no real plan for the ride other than to get some miles in before indulging in an evening of beverages, grilled meats, potatoes, and birthday cheesecake for Wifey who turned 45 today. Pretty sure I accomplished that.

The early flat and wind could have had this ride sucking hard, thankfully it didn’t.


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