Not Feeling It


As I rapidly age and discover, and rediscover, other interests like eating and drinking to excess, worrying about the dog urine spots on my lawn, and taking photos, there are days that I just don’t feel like stuffing myself into a Superman outfit and riding. Somedays I’m content to satisfy my urge to be outside with a walk down the road to the local park and traipse around the woods for a bit with my camera and then do some yard work. Don’t judge. OK, go ahead judge, I probably need it.

The patch of woods is bordered by our housing plan, some railroad tracks, and a small industrial complex. It’s not a big patch, but it can easily satisfy the urge to goof off in the woods without driving anywhere. So I grabbed my learning to love out of necessity X100s and took a walk in the woods like a slovenly geriatric slacker.


I meandered through the woods until I hit one fenced border, then headed downwards towards the creek to walk amongst the flowers like a photo taking dandy before hitting another border, and climbing back up to the park proper.







To call this sub three-mile walk a workout is something that I’ll save for when I’m 80 (like I’ll ever see 80), but it got me away from the computer screen, and helped me see how my back is progressing with the stretching and strength training I’ve been doing (not too bad). It also allowed me to shoot with the X100s a little more and come to terms with its quirks and nuances.


Some trees doing the nasty.

My recent MRI concluded that I thankfully don’t need any sort of surgery, and before and pain management like injections are prescribed I’ll be doing some physical therapy. Their office is supposed to be in touch with me by the end of the week to set up a time to start PT, so I am hopeful that the therapy combined with what I’m doing now will have me riding trails pain free in the coming weeks and months.

I should probably think about riding today, but the dark clouds outside are making it damn hard to get motivated.


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