As Wanted

Most medications include some lawyerish words that say something about “take as prescribed.” I can see that, despite being back to riding outside, my cycling has taken on a bit of a “ride as wanted” air. There is nothing at all wrong with that, but I must learn to accept the pitfalls (weight gain, increased pant size, lack of fitness, etc.) that come with such a slack attitude. Thankfully I wanted to ride on Tuesday, because despite the crisp, not all that spring-like air, the 25 miles ride in the sun was just what I needed, and nature rewarded me.

No, not with photos of an earth pig (like the intro pic), but of a bald eagle flying overhead in the brilliant blue March sky. Funny thing was, just about before, I was mumbling and cussing to myself about how I missed out on a pic of a red tail hawk. It’s not the greatest shot, but shooting with the Fuji XT-1 means that autofocus is a roll of the dice. thankfully it all worked out.


It was a nice morning in the saddle, and I even had the chance to experiment further with shooting video. As things warm up and my rides start to vary more I hope to continue shooting come shorts out on the gravel roads and in the woods riding and hiking.

So much to learn about shooting and editing video, but I’m looking forward to season of expanding that knowledge… and my waistline.


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