Pre Mind Bending Miles

With tired legs and a belly full of a shit breakfast (it was so tasteless and bad, I’m ashamed of myself), I headed out for a short ride on Thursday morning before attending to real life duties in the afternoon followed by a trip to the Mind Bender.

My legs were shit from the start, and the wind from the west was less than kind, but it was a beautiful, crisp, spring morning, and I wasn’t going to let some wind come between me and getting my bike mojo back. Or any mojo for that matter.

Bashful horse.

Feeling the steady, cool winds against my face served as a reminder that I wasn’t “riding” through the hills and lava fill volcanos of Watopia; I was outside. So what if I was going slow, the slower speeds would give me more chances to spy a photo op and soak in as much vitamin D as possible1.

Denver Road gravel.

I hadn’t planned on riding at all on Thursday but was happy to have got some miles in, even if there were only 15 of them. I saw some cows, some birds, some geese, and some horses. I took some pics, sweat out some brain smegma, and returned to the Cul-De-Sac Shack happy to have got outside for a while and ready to take on the rest of what life would offer.

Cow out standing in its field.

Friday will pose a challenge for ride time as well, as I need to get a shit ton of stuff done before we go pick up Lola (our new puppy) this afternoon. I have no idea what made us get another bulldog puppy, but we’re getting one, so I better get my self prepared for chewed shoes, ruined pillows, and a shit ton of cuteness.

My first red winged black bird pic of the year.


Robin in tree.


Geese being geese.


One of the many toys ready for Lola’s arrival.


Jake enjoying some peace for the arrival of his sister on Friday.

The weekend weather looks like I might find myself riding through Watopia again and heading into the woods to hike with my cameras. Hoping that spring-like temps and sun will return next week, but I also know that Michigan gotta Michigan.


  1. Note the slight—but increasing —powers of the Mind Bender, meditation, and the book The Artists Way at work. I have a long way to go to shed a lifetime of ridicule, fear, self-doubt, self-loathing, and guilt, but I’m doing what I can with what I got.

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