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Drinking Local (In The 989)


Long before I ever moved to Michigan I was a fan of Michigan brewed beers from Founders and Bell’s. Then once I moved here I found even MORE delicious beverages from breweries like Short’sArcadia, Brewery Vivant, Dark Horse, Greenbush, North Peak, Right Brain and many more.

I am also lucky to live stumbling walking distance from pubs like The Brass Cafe and The Bird that aren’t afraid to serve craft beers from all over Michigan and the country.

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White Trash Soba Noodles & Peas


I made this up in less than 10 minutes after the gym today. Some chicken or beef in it would have been nice, but for a quick lunch it was pretty OK. Then again, after last night’s meatloaf binge and 2 a.m. case of the meat sweats, I was just fine with meatless version. Who knew you could excrete ground beef and pork through your pores???

Crush Pasta


I love pasta and I am done trying pretend that I don’t, or that I can eat Primal or Paleo for more than a week or two before I realize that life is too short to not eat pasta (or beans for that matter). I’m sorry, but Italians have been eating the stuff forever and Italy has produced some pretty freaking legendary cyclists– none of which I recall being fat in their racing days. So as I often say on this blog (and in my daily life) “fuck it.” Or in this case, “Fuck it, I’m eating pasta.” Moderation and miles on the bike seems to work best for crushing pasta and not having to move up a belt size.

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Vintage Velo Hipsters & Beer?


I was almost positive that this photo was the result of bike riding hipsters circa 1922. I assumed after some singlespeed, fixed gear, alley cat, bike polo type event they stacked their bikes outside a [insert hipster bike city of your choice here] dive bar while they were inside forcing down PBR oil cans. Turns out it was merely the result of every day folks who rode their bikes to the Palace Theatre in Cairns, Queensland, Australia (according the Internet). So disappointed.

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Beer Me: Founders Black IPA


Founders Brewing Inspired Artist Black IPA
7.5% ABV
88 IBUs (eighty-fucking-eight)

Sure, it was a only a four day work week here in the U.S., but it’s STILL Friday, so BEER ME BITCHES!

You HAVE to be on the lookout for this beer. Excellent in every way. I really can’t find a fault with this beverage (other than I only bought a six pack and it’s only available for a limited time). On top of being a great beer from a great brewery that supports many a mountain bike race (see Lumberjack 100, The Barry-Roubaix, etc.,), proceeds from the sale of Inspired Artist Black IPA goes to ArtPrize and I am totally down with that.

Founders says it’s only available to we Michigander-burgher-ite type, so sorry rest of world, you are really missing out on a damn fine beverage. I would NOT be surprised if this got into the standard rotation for Founders in the future. Maybe it won’t, be they would be mad not to. Go black and don’t go back.

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