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Fall continues to fall and I continue my best efforts to get out and ride when I can. Today I opted for another dirt road ride aboard the Farley fatty since that’s the bike that’s been the most fun to ride on the dirt roads lately. As I mentioned the other day, all I am really riding for now is to maintain enough fitness to do a few fat bike races this winter and to avoid becoming a complete slob (which some might say I am one meatball away from becoming).


The brown season is quickly coming, which is illustrated on the flat stretch of West Pleasant Vally Road seen above. The trees are becoming more bare and nearly all vegetation is turning random shades of fecal matter brown. Add in a white/grey sky and you have landscape doing its best to depress anyone that dare lay their eyes upon it.


Despite the landscape’s best effort it couldn’t get these sheep down. They stayed busy eating, chilling out and keeping one eye on me to make sure I didn’t get too frisky as I rode by. I hated to break it to them that sheep aren’t really my thing (yet), but I think they were more than a little distrusting of the dude in various layers of tight-fitting clothes riding a clown bike.



The Farley (AKA The Rambler), continues to be my go-to bike for calorie burning junk miles. I even forced myself to do a few “mail box sprints” today, which is hard enough on a cross bike, harder on a mountain bike and even harder on a bike with 4″ wide tires with 9 PSI in them! I find it funny that just a month or so ago I considered riding a fat bike out on gravel roads a petty bad idea.  I still find it a bad idea, but for some reason I find myself enjoying all the slow, lurching fatness that this bad idea provides me.


On Tuesday as I put my gear in the xB, I sat my Tifosi specs on top the car. When I packed for Wednesday’s ride I realized that I had indeed left them on top of the car when I drove off. UG! They were the only pair of glasses I had with rose tint lenses, my preferred lenses for grey days and mountain biking in the woods. I ended up finding them in the parking lot today but my joy was short-lived when I realized the lens that popped out had been run over a few times and now looks like it took a shotgun blast at close range. Damn! Now I have to find another pair with rose tint on the cheap. Grrrrr! I’m such an idiot! … but you knew that.


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