Curt Notes

I have a resume of skills, talents, and responsibilities as long as an ill-written curt note stuck on a cafeteria vending machine, yet I can’t find the time or want to get outside and or write a blog post. Lucky you!

Most of the weekend was filled with soccer dad duties. B had two Elite State Cup Matches in what the boys called “the group of death.” B’s team (a Premier One team) play regional and P1 teams from Michigan as part of the larger state-wide tournament, and this year they got stuck playing TWO top 5 regional teams in their group; thus, “the group of death.” Meaning they ain’t gots no chance in hell of winning the group and moving on.

With that bit of useless Michigan youth soccer knowledge dropped on you, I digress.

We watched, the team got spanked twice, and I shot a ton of photos for the boys and their families. Outside of that, my spare time was spent processing pics, posting pictures, driving all over the place, and looking forward to the start of the regular P1 season.

This week looks to be jammed again with stuff, so I will just post this and quickly move on to do whatever it is I do.

More photos from this weekend’s games as well as some of my walks and rides can be seen at:


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