Earth Day Arousals

After being away for a few days last week, this week has flown by with playing catch-up. In between all that catch-up, I went for a quick walk around Meridian Park on Thursday morning to blow the stink off me.

There were hints of light snow that fell overnight; the sun was trying its best to warm up the frozen spring air, and geese and other waterfowl were out and about, making for some nice photo ops. Sadly, I left my shooting boots at home (I know that oft-used footy phrase doesn’t really apply here), and all I got were some subpar images that struggled to find focus. I blame myself. Mostly because there’s no one else to blame.

Of course, that is me looking at the walk through the eyes of a struggling hobby photographer in need of life validating Instagram likes, not a dirt worshiping nature boy out for an Earth Day walk with a hard-on pointed in Ma Nature’s direction, happy to have seen some geese, mallards, wood ducks, and red-winged blackbirds out and about doing duck and bird stuff.

So with great reluctance and embarrassment, I post the photos I took from Thursday’s walk. Not because I am proud of them per se, but because they capture a moment in time for me, and sometimes that’s all a photograph needs to be; a captured memory. In this case, just some slightly out-of-focus memories that lack any oooomf.



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