Departures and Returns

The weekend was here, then it left. Similarly, the snow was here; then it melted, then it came back.

Bird in the backyard looking less than enthused about the cold.

In those hours of the weekend, I did such things as take B to a doubleheader of soccer in the bubble Friday night, staying up until 2 AM watching King Pin, lifting heavy things for no reason in the gym, watching footy, drinking some beers, and walking in the woods with my camera.


The snow came back on Monday. Sadly, there was no time for walking the woods. Just lifting heavy things for no reason, snow removal, and dropping coin on snow tires for the Escape. I guess that beats dropping coin on car repairs because my car slid off the road.

The week ahead looks like a typical week of Soiled adulting filled with dentists, mind benders, tire installations, veterinarians, errands, and self-loathing. Hopefully, at some point, I can get back in the wood to take more photos of dead leaves.



Mossy bear face in tree. Don’t tell me you don’t see it!


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