Dirt Road Love


After a week holed up in the basement successfully, but miserably, “running” on the treadmill, I finally made it out for a ride on dirt roads on Saturday. Woot.

I somehow pulled myself away from my new favorite hobby: sleeping and/or laying in bed staring at the ceiling pondering what has become of me (not much) and got out on the roads a fairly decent ride. Good thing I did too, ’cause it was hairy dog ball hot and things got pretty steamy out on the shadeless dirt roads of Michignaderburgh.


The 2.5 hour ride definitely screamed for three bottles… I had two. This made even the cow polluted water above look pretty attractive as I passed.


While the heat did get pretty intense, I will not bitch about it in the least, ’cause it seems like it was just yesterday that I was out on these same roads on board the Pugsley and freezing my tits off.


Saturday’s ride was one of those rides that left me feeling extremely lucky to have the amount of dirt, gravel and low traffic farm roads at my disposal here in my part of Michigan. I miss the hills and mountains of Western PA almost daily (sigh), but there is something to be said for the ability to ride out my backdoor and in roughly three miles be on gravel roads.

My plan for today was to ride again of course, but as I type this, a heavy thunderstorm  just finished pissing down on us. That leaves the trails and the dirt roads out of the question right now and I’m not sure I have any desire for a road ride today. I might just park my ass in front of the TV and watch more World Cup.


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