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Monday was Monday, with not much to do other than husbandly duties (not code for sex) and a mid-afternoon appointment with the O.G. Mindbender. Tuesday was very Tuesday-like, barring a mid-morning appointment with The Crappest Doctor in The World1


Later in the day, on Tuesday, I snuck over to Sylvan for a quick walk that was “quick” in name only. Most of the trails were STILL covered in packed ice and or slippy inches of snow. There were patches of walkable mud, but after less than two miles and 20 photos, and headed home to make some spicy bread stuffing2 to have as a side dish for the night’s meal.


But first, I needed to stop and nab a photo or two along my route home from the preserve!


TRUTH IN PHOTOS: There was a power line in this photo driving me crazy. I removed it.

Fun fact for you (and nothing to do with doctors) I bought another used camera and am selling another old camera! It’s not G.A.S.3, but it came down to some facts that I will share in an upcoming post. I blew my self-imposed Wednesday morning blog-frame with my rant, burning an omelette, and needing to get to the shop today for somegimping to pay for OTHER hobbies habits.

LOVE this pic of Lola (taken with my new old camera) but that damn reflection in her eye!!


Old, cranky, and getting some late winter/early spring sun.


  1. Listen, I don’t usually give a shit about doctors, just give me my blood thinners and don’t let me bleed out, but this one takes the cake; rushes in, rushes out, rushes me, and poos-poos any health concern I have by calling out my weight gain. 20 years of arthritic back pain, past blood clots, leg swelling, edema, the inability to use my left thumb, high blood pressure, good blood pressure, arthritis, hearing loss, poor eyesight, depression, anxiety, and my unanswered questions about when I can get the COVID vaccine, all, according to him—in some fucked up way—have to do with the 50 extra pounds I carry around. Sometimes I wonder if he even has a medical degree or just likes fat-shaming people for money. Fuck, I know I’ve gained weight, but how about some legitimate doctor talk?? Tell me I have a subdural hematoma with a twist of rheumatoid gonorrhea; I don’t care, just make it sound doctor-y and don’t tell me I got them because I eat too much pizza!! Condescending, little doctor-tit. As you might imagine, me and this cat broke up today. It’s not him; it’s me. But mostly him. Speaking of me, hey, my blood pressure was down to 124/80, which is vastly improved, so like, um, suck it. And by the way, no one is doing the spiked wet look anymore. It just makes you look like a balding, hair gel-covered porcupine with a shit medical degree.
  2. Yes, bread stuffing. I had some sort of fucked up craving in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to get the idea of chicken and stuffing out of my head. So today, I had Thanksgiving in July (except in March, and I ate chicken instead of turkey) with stuffing made with dried bread hunks, south-west spices, vegetable broth, poblano peppers, garlic, celery, and onion. I eventually want to make a full-on Tex-Mex version, maybe with cornbread stuffing. So many choices, so many carbs!!!
  3. Gear Acquisition Syndrome

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