Easing Back Into It


The past week was its normal whirlwind of December holiday madness: travel, no riding, family visits, eating, weight gain, gift giving, gift receiving, more eating, occasional vomitorium visits (followed by quick weight loss), Boxing Day footy watching, a dash of stress, mild boredom, more weight gain, and lastly more travel (to which I set a personal record, making it from Pittsburgh to Mt. Peezy in 6:01, crushing my old record by 14 minutes!).

I always bitch about the holidays (mostly because I loathe them like an annual bout of gonorrhea), but every year they turn out pretty darn OK. Every year I look up at the faces I grew up with and those who helped create me, as well as the family I married into and realize that like it, love it, or not, these are the people in my world. Like they say, you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. Despite all the differences that we choose not to really get into and are content to leave hovering on the surface of our mental skins like infected spider bites, they are good people. There are lots of folks out there with worse problems, that’s for good-Goddamn sure.

All of my family bring their own humor, unique personalities and views (although often misanthropic, skewed, outlandish, Fox News fueled and factually wrong) to the table. Embracing that, running from it and choosing not to challenge it are all part of life’s mind fucking equation. Learning how to take the best traits and influences from the people in your world is the key to success. I’m lucky to have just as many folks in my life to guide me the right way as I am those who may be slightly more “askew.”  I am still learning, but getting better as I age, mostly with the help of an incredible life partner whom I like to call Wifey, an amazing son, and Daddy’s Little Helpers: mild doses of booze and antidepressants.


All joking and semi-hyperbole aside it was a good holiday. I got my family to and from Pittsburgh safely and with ease, my son had a great time and received more than any kid could want from his generous family. We also had a fun visit to the Pittsburgh’s National Aviary on Saturday where B-Man and I both used our new cameras to take some sweet pics (one of mine seen above as well as on my Flickr album).

In the end, I managed well, Wifey didn’t have to yell at me and I had another life lesson in what family can add (and subtract) from our lives. For that I am thankful and happy. Life is a learning process. I wish it weren’t (I hate to learn, it makes my head hurt), but it is. I suppose that’s God’s (or higher power of your personal choice’s) will. For now. I am content with the knowledge that outside of walking two blocks over to our friend’s crib tomorrow to celebrate New Year’s, the holidays are over. Can I get a woot, woot? NO?? OK, that’s cool.

Cycling Otherness:

With our return to Mt. Peezy on Sunday I am now ensconced in B-Man holiday break Dad duties until next week and making good where and when I can. Including running on the treadmill on Monday (who knew a half pound of ham could flop around in my gut like that??) and finally giving in and setting up my trainer in the Semi (but no so) Stankment today.

I havent been on the trainer since late last winter and was less than thrilled at having to set it up today. BUT, once I forced my ever growing ass onto the thing it felt swell. I listened to LCD Soundsystem’s The Long Goodbye and spun my way to a sweaty mess. God I forgot how much I sweat indoors! I also forgot how fucking long it takes to cool down after a ride on the trainer. When I get done with a ride in 20˚ temps I enjoy the hottest shower I can stand for as long as I can. On a day like today I have to turn on the cold water like I’m trying to kill a hard on. It’s shrinkage-tastic!

Oh well it’s all part of life in the northern U.S. states. New Year’s Day should bring some miles in the cold air. Looking forward to it, it seems like forever since I last rode outside.


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