Easter Roll


After a ride on Saturday which was confined to the paved roads north of town, I was looking forward to venturing off onto the dirt and gravel on Easter Sunday.


It was great to get off of the pavement, but the dirt roads were not without their challenges and a few sections had me struggling to find a line and keep the Boone moving forward through the thick mire. Thankfully those sections were few, and for the most part the roads were fast rolling and tacky.


The best thing about moving off of the pavement and back onto dirt is that there a few more photo opportunities, and Sunday was no different. There seemed to be a ton of birds out and about, and the farm animals were out slogging and pecking through the mud.








There was also a cacophony of noise being produced by all the frogs who are now awake from their frozen slumber. Sadly, soon enough, those same dirt roads will be littered with the carcasses of frogs who couldn’t outrun the farming traffic as they made a dash for better living conditions. #FrogsLivesMatter.


The coming week looks like a mixed bag of sun, rain, and wind, but I’m hopeful to get out at least a few time between the rain drops.


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