It’ll Do


Wow, what a shit week for doing stuff and for making progress on Fit to Fat & Back. I got out Tuesday for a pain in the hip flexor filled ride, then Wednesday brought several inches of snow, followed by ice, rain, and school cancellations all over the mid-Mitten on Thursday. I rode the trainer in an attempt to keep from going ape-shit mental, and then spent Friday hunkered down getting work done on a new web site that I am building for B’s soccer club.

As much as I wanted to drink a bottle of gin and take a rope to the attic, I know full well that this is spring in Michigan. One day you could be running around in Daisy Dukes, the next day you’re shoveling wet snow and praying for the Lord above to deliver you from wintry evil.

The snow and ice left as quickly as it came, and by Saturday morning there were only traces of what puked down on us just two days before.


As much as I’ve had it with riding in cold weather and long for the months ahead when I can leave the jacket and warmers at home, I will take what I can get. It this case what I took and got was yet another paved Better Than The Trainer Ride™, but it’ll do.


After some pre-ride adjustments to the Boone’s saddle and its for/aft position, I was pleased to have very little hip issues during the ride. I’m going to make the same adjustments to the Procaliber, or switch to my layback post and see what happens.

As I type Easter is upon us. We don’t have anything planned, so I might head back out for a spin. As I passed the dirt roads yesterday, some looked to be drying out nicely, so I might investigate further.

Hoping the coming week brings Spring back.


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