Fallish Fat Rambling


I finally did it! I finally forced my [recovering] sick, fat assed self to get in the saddle and get some miles in. It wasn’t the longest of rides, but between the wind and fatness of the bike, a workout was had.

I chose the fatty over the Boone for pretty much one reason: there would be no expectations. Yes, I’d have to put out a little bit more power and effort, but in the end just putzing along on the Farley snapping some pics here and there would take my mind off the fact that I might not be fully recovered from a week of snot-filled illness.


So much Michiganderburgh in one photo.

Of course I really didn’t count on the 21+ mile per hour winds that were coming from the north/north east slowing my already slow pace to that of a road kill turtle.


The four horsemen’s horses?

All things considered (not the NPR show), I felt pretty good. Sure, I had enough snot covering me that I looked like an award winning bukkake actress (do NOT Google that!), and the strong headwinds were chilly enough to have my nipples hard as diamonds and damn close to the season’s first [physically impossible] bout of male lactation. Still, it was awesome to be back on the bike.


If you could smell the saw dust, you would be as happy as me.

B-Man has an away match in the early afternoon tomorrow, so I’ll probably skip riding on Saturday with an eye towards feeling even better on Sunday and more miles. Not to mention they are calling for wind gusts of up to 40 MPH tomorrow! Screw that!





Found signage via mailbox.





Work, work, work…



The meatz of the fatty fatterson.

I still can’t explain why enjoy riding the fatty fatterson out on dirt and gavel. I just do. Sure, the Boone is faster and more efficient, but there is something to be said for rolling close to thirty miles and just having fun. Looking forward to doing it again soon.


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