Foggy Memory

IMG_0385_B2The photos in this post are from a road ride I did in the early spring of 2013. It was a chilly 42 degree morning; damp, foggy and of course had a bone chilling, Michigan breeze that contained scents of moldy corn husks, mud and manure. It felt more like winter than spring and only got worse when a steady, icy rain appeared and dropped the temperatures further. I remember a short blog post from that day in which I wrote “I alternated between thinking how great it was to be alive and riding my bike, and wishing that I was doing neither.” Christ, I think that sounds like almost every ride and race I do.


Beyond the weather there was nothing special about that ride– it was just a short, flat, early spring road ride that was only slightly better than riding the stationary trainer. I guess it was an ever so minor victory in getting myself out the door and on the road, but I think the only real victory was taking a few pre-rain photos that serve as reminders of the things, both large and small, I’ve done on my bike and despite knowing better, will do again.

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