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After what seemed like weeks of steady sunshine–and cold ass temperatures–we here in mid Michigan have endured several days of gray skies, downpours and steady rain. The extent of my riding this week has been hour-long sessions on the trainer every day since Monday’s short 27 mile loop. Who knew you could ride junk miles on the trainer??

I needed to get out of the house today, so after dinner this evening I attempted to squeeze a little photo walkabout in. Sadly I only got about four blocks from home when it started pissing down rain again. It started as a drizzle, then a shower, then an all out downpour–I was soaked! I was glad I didn’t take my good camera with me! Just my trusty, beat up Canon s95 in one jacket pocket and the new to me 35mm Olympus [mju:] II in the other.

One good thing about all the Biblical, wrath of Goad rain we’ve had is that the grass is finally starting to turn from baby shit brown to a subtle green. Not too much, just enough to slightly brighten up the ground and not look like a pool of dead carp covered in freshly shat baby feecus.


I have been struggling to find any real color anywhere over the past few weeks. Even when the sky is blue and sunny, everything else is brown. Although my walk over to town tonight was short and VERY wet, I did manage to get the shot above which I am pretty happy with. The aqua colored door–of what I think is the back service entrance to one of our local pubs– just might be the most color I’ve seen this week. It’s not much, but at least I found some color!

I took the aqua door pic with my s95, shooting in RAW and processing in Lightroom. I also took a nearly exact photo with the 35mm; I’ll be anxious to see how they compare and which one I like better once I get the film back.

The rain is supposed to move out tonight BUT is to be followed by winds that could reach 45 mph tomorrow. So I have a feeling I’ll be on the trainer tomorrow at some point. At least the weekend is looking to be excellent for some miles. I hope so, then I can actually write about something to do with riding my bike, instead who my favorite band is this week.

Oh, also note– the top photo is a COLOR photo! The sun can come back now.


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