Friday of Nothing

It’s Friday morning, and I’m writing this to kill some time before going to the gym to lift heavy things for no reason. I am also writing in an attempt to cajole the last shreds of motivation in my mind into doing such an absurd thing. I feel like a sassy $5 hooker talking up my game to any pedestrian walking down my side of the street. And as you might imagine, motivational talk from someone who is blindly confidant yet so clearly undervalues their talents is not great. Of course, I’m also trying to quash the mental snapshot of myself wearing a crop top, booty shorts, pink wig, fishnets, and combat boots as I hustle my side of the cul de sac. “$5, and I’ll show you the time of your life. Where else are you gonna get chlamydia this good? ‘Cmon, baby.” Or something like that.

Forget the motivational talk; I’m sure I’ll go. I don’t want my absence to disappoint all the college kids trying to burn off Thursday night’s drink specials at The Bird or my fellow band of misfit adults that show up at the same time as me on weekday mornings instead of doing something proper. Yes, I will go, get my miles in, avoid eye contact with the TV showing right-wing propaganda on Fox News, look away from the non-stop cake show like a gentleman, lift some heavy things for no reason, and get out.

OK, now I’m motivated!!! For both the gym and cheaply prostituting myself amongst the johns of our neighborhood. Win/Win.

1 hour later…

Well, to quote the late Keith Moon, “That went over like a lead balloon.”

I had no mojo for the dreadmill and just felt “off.” So, I warmed up a bit and then got in a round of modest strength training that made me feel nice and swolled for about 4 to 6 minutes. SUCCESS-ISH-NESS!

With what vaguely resembled a strength training session out of the way, I was back home and eager to bother Wifey while she was working in the former Chamber of Farts, scrub the gym off of myself, and get some food.

Eventually, I found myself doing a walk around Meridian Park later in the day, but the conditions were horrible! The sky was pale white, the wind was blowing upwards of 40 miles per hour, and that wind was bone-chilling. I found myself walking into the wind muttering aloud the names of places I’d rather live than Cold-As-Fuck-All-The-Time, Michigan.

With the cold gusting winds, the birds were mostly hunkered down. There were a few red wing blackbirds here and there and a robin or two, but for the most part, the woods were silent save for the rushing freight train sound of the through bare trees.

I took a few shots while experimenting with my Z6’s Auto AF, but nothing worth posting. As for the Auto AF, I can’t be bothered with it. Maybe the Z7II and Z9’s Auto AF are awesome, but the Z6 with the latest firmware is a hard “meh.” For now, I’ll stick to what brung me when shooting sports and wildlife; my “vintage” used Nikon D4 with AF Continuous and back button focus. It’s not as sexy as all the latest mirrorless cameras, and it’s heavy as hell when paired with the Sigma 150-600 lens, but it’s a workhorse!! I’m sure I’ll get around to using/trusting Auto AF in the future, but not right now.

OK, time to start the countdown until it’s a socially acceptable time for me to make bad decisions about what I put in my body and watch EFL Championship footy. 

NOTE: Photos today were from the previous day’s hike.


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