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After a lackluster ride on Wednesday, I took Thursday off the bike, limiting myself to getting stuff done, running on the Dreadmill® and lifting heavy thing for no reason.  I returned to the saddle on Friday, and got in some much-needed time riding dirt roads; dirt roads that seem to finally be shaping up.

I did a 35 mile ride that was about 65% dirt roads. The conditions were sunny and Michigan spring crispy, and compared to my mental state on Wednesday, I felt like a million bucks.

It appears that the county has finally been grading more miles of dirt, so the great pot hole epidemic of 2017 seems to be getting a bit better, and the Boone handled everything just fine.

I was glad I got out on Friday, because a midday soccer game on Saturday would eat up a good chunk of the day, not to mention the winds kicked up bigly, and there were strong, steady, 25+ mile winds all day long. So after B’s match, I just goofed off, and had a few beers on the porch, while making plans for a Sunday ride on dirt roads.

I headed south on Sunday, doing a fairly short 26 mile loop on the Fatterson, with lots of stops for picture taking. I felt good, and could have easily rode further, but was enjoying just goofing off with my camera too much to worry about distances.

I rode in, and on, a little bit of everything on Easter Sunday: misty rain, fog, sun, gravel, dirt, sand, and mud. It was all good, and it was fun to be on the Fatterson again. The downfall was that the Fatterson is in need of a drivetrain update and some maintenance, and after two winters worth of slop, no about lube or grease was helping the creaking, clanging, clunking, and squeaking that was emanating from the bike. It was sort of embarrassing.

With just a bit over 110 miles, last week won’t go down as one of my best weeks on the bike, but I was still happy to have got out, get some miles in, and shoot some photos.

The week ahead looks promising for riding, so I should probably end this, get some work done, and get outside while the getting’s good.


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