Feeling Not Feeling It

Playing a bit a catchup here after a busy, rainy Thursday which, doing stuff wise, only included 40 minutes of Dreadmill® running, and lifting heavy stuff for no reason in the basement of the Cul-de-sac Shack. So here on Friday we’re lookin’ at Wednesday, and ride-wise, I don’t like what I’m seein’.

I slept like shit Tuesday night. Even with taking sleep medicine I didn’t fall to sleep until around 2 AM, and needed to be up at 6 AM. So as you can imagine my body was not really feeling a ride on Wednesday. But I went anyway, because miles, calories, fat, outside time, picture taking, Thursday weigh in, stupidity, etc.

Despite the nice-ish weather, I just couldn’t get in the zone. Somedays I have more than enough mojo to fight the cool wind, ride until my legs come around, and 30 or more miles later get home with a smile on my face. That was not going to happen this ride.

I pressed on through the paved bit, but turned right super early to enjoy some dirt roads, and be away from traffic. There’s nothing worse than dealing with cars when you’re in a bad frame of mind and your legs feel like shit.

The dirt helped my mental state, as did taking about 10 PSI out of my tires the day before to make them more dirt road friendly. I had been riding so much pavement due to the spring slop that I had them aired up way too much. Made riding the dirt roads a teeth chattering, bone shaking, rectal pounding, bad time.

Despite the better attitude the dirt roads brought out, I really couldn’t get my legs to wake up, so I settled for a 20 mile square of a loop that was 75% dirt and called it. *Hanging head in shame*

The only thing I found myself thinking about during the ride was lunch, and another go at my new obsession: Low-fat, Soiled Buffalo Turkey Balls.

You know I love me some balls (meat balls, not man balls, not that there’s anything wrong with that), and I’ve been experimenting with these balls for about a week now. I think I finally got ’em down well enough that there will be a much unneeded Cat 5 Cooking post about them in the near future in the main menu above. You can thank me later for the recipe, or for the warning to avoid another crap post about food on a crapper cycling blog.

Lastly, you may remember that last week was Spring Break and I found myself enjoying a few too many beers over said break. Because of that I skipped my Thursday weigh in, feeling no good could come of it. Well, I was back on the scale this Thursday. The bad news is, I didn’t lose any weight. The good news is, I didn’t gain any weight, and am still holding at -10.6 lbs. Considering the beer bender I was on last week, I am completely OK with that. Hopefully next week there’s some movement.

OK, need to try to squeeze a ride in.


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