From Good to Worse

I guess I got too cocky about the amount of activities that I was enjoying last week. Several quality indoor workouts and a nice dirt road ride had me looking forward to the weekend. But first I wanted to do one more indoor workout on Friday. I shouldn’t have.

I waffled between doing an easy spin on the trainer or a flat Zwift™ course. I went with the flat course; there was only about 475′ of climbing on the course and that is about on par with a dirt road ride around here, so how bad could it be. Well, it seems that just about all of those 475 feet came within the first mile of riding and I found myself not warmed up and turning the pedals over slowly while remaining seated due to system shock and laziness. That was my first mistake. My second would be climbing off the trainer as soon as my ride was over and immediately sitting and doing some work. As soon as I got up from my office chair I felt it—the right side of my lower back (that would be my rear right love handle) felt like I had a softball stuck in it and I was walking crooked and to the left. A heating pad, an ice pack, some Advil, a hot shower, a walk in the woods, and several early evening beers eventually had it feeling OK-ish, but not great.

Saturday and Sunday brought more of the same routine: No riding followed by Advil, staring out the window at the birds, stretching, footy watching, sad walks in the woods, numerous evening beers, and sadder early bed times because there’s nothing else I want to/can do except lay in bed and think about the aging putz I’ve become. Who the fuck gets injured riding an indoor trainer? THIS GUY!!

As I type this Monday morning between IPA dumps, coffee guzzling, and breakfast and lunch making, my back is as bad as it was on Friday, if not worse. Today I’m planning on at least doing some easy spinning on the trainer, hoping that a little bit of the “hair of the dog” might work the same muscles enough to loosen them up. I don’t think it could get any worse, I might as well just do something.

Here are some photos from my last few days of indoor workouts, sad walks in the woods, and boredom.


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