Slackless Starts

After a Sunday that contained nothing but a short hike in the rain and some 12-ounce curls, the week has started off pretty not bad.

Monday was outdoor rideable, but I got behind on some stuff and chose to Zwift™ for an hour. It was a good workout for sure, and I’m still stoked with the Hammer trainer and Zwift™ combination. Not only are they providing some excellent workouts, but they are also saving me from doing nothing at all on days that that real ride couldn’t happen.

After the hour I rewarded myself with a quick bowl of ramen noodles. Yes, 20ยข noodles but instead of the included flavor pack I add some chicken stock, soy sauce, frozen peas, and of course some sriracha sauce.

On Tuesday I was determined not to let a ride outside get away from me, so as soon as I could I got my shit together and headed to rail trail outside of Clare to start a dirt road ride.

The fall temps were crisp, and there was an 8 MPH nipply wind coming from the southeast that felt way stronger than 8 miles per hour. But given how strong the winds can get around here, it was totally doable and the tailwind back to the Dirt Road Launching Pad was appreciated.

Many of the roads are in less than perfect condition right now from all the heavy equipment out and about for the harvest, and I had one “OH SHIT!” moment where my front wheel unexpectedly dug in hard to the soft shoulder, and I thought I was going down. I saved it, but if I had bit it, at least the dirt would have been soft!

I’m not sure if it was the joy of being outside riding or the recent indoor efforts, but I was feeling pretty good. When I did find some climbs, I was eager to stand and motor up them, rather than do the fat man spin that I had become accustomed to of late. Either way, I was happy with the ride, and happier still to be outside in the middle of rural Michigan with my camera.

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My Wednesday plan in written in sand right now, but I have a feeling I will end up in the Not So Stankment for a workout at some point in between other duties.


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