Gal Pal Hikes

My reign as King of The Morons continues, as does some pretty sore ribs from where they collided with the ground and a series of tree roots last Friday when I tripped trail running lumbering. Because of that I have shunned riding, embraced a life of slack and headed into the woods with Wifey for some hiking and picture taking.

I have to say it’s been really nice to skulk around the woods in the company of my number one gal pal. It’s a way for us to spend time together, chat, and get some exercise in. It’s also been nice to share some of the local hiking areas that I’ve been hitting over the recent months, she’s really digging it.

On Saturday morning we went to Bundy Hill, hiked the new trail that is under construction as far as it would take us, then headed to the main trail to hike up to the top of Bundy Hill before scurrying home to get to B’s afternoon game.

My ribs continued to hurt on Sunday morning, the weather was cool and gloomy, and I still had no desire to ride my bike, so we drove out to the Hall’s Lake Natural Area for a walk in the wet woods.

Of the three areas we’ve been to so far, Wifey seemed to enjoy the thick woods and swamps of the Hall’s Lake area the best. I think it’s my favorite too, I just wish there were more trails there.

Early in our hike, we made our way through a swampy area and heard a loud crashing through the trees and  splashing of water of the swamp. It sounded super close to us and we both just looked at each other with that “what the fuck was that?” look on our faces. I assume it was a startled deer but you never know.

A short time later as we exited Sofie’s Swamp I stumbled upon the leg of a small deer in the middle of the trail. There were no hoof or paw prints around and no sign of the rest of the carcass; that seemed really strange. I’m sort of wondering if maybe it was carried there by a vulture or bird of prey.

The weather has been super crazy around mid-Michigan in recent weeks; last weekend it was close to 100˚ and the past few days it’s been in the 50s and low 60s with a strong cool breeze. Sure as hell doesn’t feel like June! I can’t say that I enjoy sweating my balls off, but I could go for a little less wind and some mid-70s temps to make it feel a little bit like summer.

I’m taking Monday off from doing any “stuff” at all, hopefully, that will give my ribs more time to heal, and free up some time in the coming days to finally get back on the bike.

Here is a series of photos from the past couple hikes with Wifey.


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